Accelerating towards eco-innovation


To visualise a future sustainable mobility model for Seat. 

The technology evolution, the need to adapt to challenges such as climate change, fuel shortages or air quality, as well as the new mobility needs and expectations from consumers, threaten the current automotive business model. The future of mobility means understanding it as an instant, easy service which focuses on the needs of clients. 

How to establish an action plan in order to introduce eco-innovation into the business model of an automotive company? 

Participants from the whole organisation.
Defining a vision for a common future and a strategic plan.
Actions planned

Out of a co-creative methodology comes the eco-innovation journey, designed to further explore the eco-innovation concept and its opportunities, where a strategic plan has been established as a guide to organising the transition towards a sustainable business model.

Through different meetings and workshops with the affected areas and departments, a list of potential areas of improvement was produced. These actions were prioritised according to the benefits they may bring, the amount of time required and their optimal achievement according to the information generated.