From product to service.


To provide Axioma with metrics to aid decision making

Axioma is a company that offers auxiliary washing services and sterilised clothing for hospitals. The company started to question its business model due to changes in European regulation which promoted the use of non-reusable polypropylene surgical fabrics. 

How to turn this threat into an opportunity and find business alternatives that comply with the regulations, are profitable in economic terms and that reduce their environmental impact? How can environmental criteria contribute to their selling points? 


>2.2 and 6.5

TIMES LESS IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT when comparing the new textile with polypropylene fabrics of one use




MORE COMPETITIVE product ON PRICE AND QUALITY, and greater comfort for the user.

The reusable polyester barrier fabric exceeds regulations, as well as offering an excellent experience for hospital personnel and patients. This new surgical covering can be washed, dried and sterilised up to 75 cycles without losing its properties. This durability means a business model based on services, as well as reducing the environmental impact and creating greater economic value for the company.

This new service using reusable polyester fabric has been implemented in 9 hospitals.