Implementing a sustainable corporate strategy to every link in the value chain.



 To bring sustainability to the everyday of Coca-Cola. 

The food sector is suffering from a growing pressure to improve their sustainability standards from both consumers and governments. This pressure highlights the need to ensure quality and traceability throughout the supply chain in order to improve risk management. 

In response to this, Coca-Cola management established a strict corporate policy regarding the main risks to the company’s future: How to achieve a chain of sustainable suppliers? What is a sustainable ingredient? 



OF SUPPLIERS will enforce the SAI standard (2020).


WATER CONSUMPTION without affecting productivity in critical areas.

The project includes a pilot project which has enabled the main suppliers and other producers of Spanish citrus fruits for Coca-Cola to enforce “Fanta’s Best Practices Guide”.

As a result, they have been able to co-finance improvements to the fertigation system on the citrus fruits estates and sustainable agricultural practices have shown profitability.