Eco-innovation as a factor in company competitiveness.


To design, implement and scale a strategy to quickly adopt eco-innovation across the company. 

La Caixa Foundation and the Fundación Fórum Ambiental, aligned with European and national policies and strategies, aim to expand and help to implement eco-innovation as a business strategy to offer benefits in the triple bottom line (environmental, social and economic). 

To globally address this challenge and to be able to scale its impact, the Ecoinnovation Laboratory was created: How to raise awareness, increase interest and recognise companies who have increased their competitiveness by incorporating eco-innovation? 


> 100

Companies showing business returns due to eco-innovation


Guides on the circular economy, sectoral reference documents


Launch of the Ecoinnova Empresa project.

The Ecoinnovation Laboratory has created a knowledge base from collecting over 100 successful cases that show the profitability of eco-innovation strategies, as well as from publishing reports, sectorial guides (logistics, railway mobility, agricultural and health sciences among others) and holding dissemination events to motivate companies to act.

The Ecoinnova project was also launched which provides the resources organisations need in order to develop new, more competitive business opportunities and to achieve their goals quicker by implementing eco-innovation.