Small design changes to achieve maximum results.


To optimise the environmental and business costs of a cardboard box transporting four containers of precooked food. 

Serhs is a hospitality and catering products and services company which, among others, offers a complete service ranging from production to selling pre-cooked products to managing group catering. 

The ecodesigned item is a corrugated cardboard box with flaps, used to transport four pre-cooked food containers for professionals: How to implement a methodology in order to conceptualise and develop sustainable solutions? How to make environmental improvements compatible with the interests of the company? 



amount of corrugated cardboard


load ratio for pallet


carbon footprint due to improvements in materials and logistics

The new ecodesigned box has a more compact size and shorter flaps to hold the four containers which are stacked in one column (originally it was in two columns for two units). Also, the box sides include handles for easier handling.

As a result, the amount of cardboard reduced by 14% and adhesive tape by 23%, the number of units per pallet increased and maximised the load ratio by up to 29%. The new box also meant a 4% saving on purchasing costs.