Tool for eco-innovation in innovative technologies of the energy sector


Is innovation disconnected from environmental improvement? How can we reduce the environmental impact of the energy life cycle?

The project wants to ensure that technological energy innovations also represent more sustainable options. Therefore, a transversal solution should be offered that allows companies from the entire RIS3CATenergia community to compare their innovations with other options available in the market.



Aid granted to the Project. Co-financed by the European Union's program "European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)"


Innovative technologies and scenarios and their conventional comparisons analyzed.


Organizations grouped in the RIS3CATenergia community.

The online tool LCAENERBOOST® will generate a database with environmental information of the sector; promote process improvement and eco-innovation; ensure the environmental validation of eco-innovation or the application of circular economy strategies in the energy sector and generate contrasted environmental information that companies can communicate.