We offer services that align the company’s interests and strategy with sustainability.

At inèdit we combine technical and creative tools in order to offer solutions which are adapted to the needs and reality of each of our clients. Sustainability and business go hand in hand through eco-innovation to increase efficiency and offer an improved value proposition.

Accompany companies including identifying drivers of change that determine the business’ future, building leadership scenarios, and defining steps to achieve a more competitive and sustainable value proposition, as well as creating new business models.

Methodology to develop or redesign products and services, based on analysing the initial situation and context, outlining the needs, trends and technical and environmental requirements, conceptualising alternative improvements and defining the most viable, sustainable and ideal solutions.

Fully accompany the responsible sustainable management of all elements involved in producing goods and services, from the supply of raw materials to waste management, with the aim of obtaining competitive benefits, improving the brand’s positioning and achieving long-term profitability.

Evaluate how many resources are consumed and how much waste is generated, using the Life-Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040) to scientifically determine the environmental profile of products, processes and organisations. This is used to calculate the Carbon Footprint of the Product (ISO 14067) and of the Organisation (ISO 14064), the Water Footprint, Environmental Footprint and other environmental certificates.